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Important information about living in Sydney, Australia


Cost of living

Westminster estimates that the cost of living in Sydney for an international student to be approximately minimum of AUD $15000 to AUD $25000 for each academic year. It is a requirement of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship that, from 1 July 2012 that prospective overseas students will need to demonstrate that they have access to at least AUD18610 a year to fund their living costs in Australia. This equates approximately AUD $360 per week.

The international student wishing to bring their spouse and school-aged dependents children should use the indicative figure to plan for the living expenses for each additional family member. In addition, the student will be required to pay the full fees for schooling of his/her school-aged children.


Employment eligibility

An international student are eligible to work 40 hours (maximum limit) per fortnight during the term unlimited hours during your school holidays. Job advertisement can be found is ‘www.seek.com.au/www.career.com.au’’ as well as other major newspapers such‘Sydney Morning Herald’ and ‘Telegraph’. The use of referral by friends is also common and effective way of securing the employment. Before you can start working, you first ensure that you have (i) Tax file number and work permit. Contact our customer service officer if you need assistance regarding these matters.



Cost of accommodation will depend on your choice of location (CBD or suburban), types of accommodation (singe or shared). The shared accommodation in Sydney can range from $150 and $250 per week per person.There are various ways to find an accommodation such as through advertisements in the newspaper and visiting real estate agents.



Sydney has excellent wide network of public transport such as busses and trains. Westminster College is only 5 minutes walk from nearest bus station and 8 minutes walk from the nearest train station (Town hall Station). Trains and buses run regularly and timetables are available. International students are eligible for discount of up-to 35% in their public transport cost. Please see the customer service officer at the reception for more information about the discount ticket.


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